Author Topic: Easiest Method To Deal With The Issues Of The Google Emails Not Coming  (Read 18 times)


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Gmail is popular among the users for many features such as the ease to use it, highly compatible, free of cost and an amazing sender and receivers of the emails. So just in case you are still thinking about the mailing service that you can use in order to get the glitch free service then you can simply opt for the Google mailing service i.e the Gmail. Once you get that then you can easily use it for seamless communication through mails.

Now just in case you are using this service then most of the time the service would work fine but there may be instances when the service may create issues in the sending and receiving of the emails. For the situations like this you can always seek the help from the people of the company.

How to fix Gmail not sending emails?

They will tell you the following ways to resolve this issue:-

1. One of the very common things that you have to do immediately in situation like this is to check whether those mails are residing in the spam folder or
not since we may have put filter on certain emails senders and hence you may not be able to get those emails there.

2. If this does not work then you have to try few other things such as clearing the web history and the cookies.

3. If this also does not provide you the solution to the issues of Gmail not sending emails then you can simply follow some other steps.

4. In the other steps you can change your proxy settings, as you do so then Google will not be able to recognize you and your address and hence you will be able to get removed from the list.

5. After that you have to tap on the settings option and then on the accounts and import option.

6. Followed by changing the account settings and then tapping on the authorizing applications and sites.

7. At the end you just have to tap on the settings account followed by tapping on the check mail using POP3.

This is the simple process that you can follow in order to resolve the issues of the Gmail and if even after doing all that is written here also, you are not able to get the right solutions then you simply have to take the help from the people of the company to get the right set of steps in order to resolve the issue in minimum time.

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